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Local Salon using Gluten Free Hair Coloring


Has this ever happened to you?

Yesterday afternoon I was cruising the isles at my favorite store and happened to glance at the home hair coloring kits.  The models look so pretty and I thought to myself, maybe I need a winter makeover.  So as the temptation took over my instincts,  I purchased a box.

Well…  it did not go so well.  My hair was splotchy and orange – yikes!!!

I frantically called 5th Avenue Hair Color Company located in Hastings, MN.  Hoping they could fix my orange hair right away, they came to my rescue and had an opening a few hours later.

As I walked in with my head hanging down in shame (and embarrassment), she told me that it was fixable!  Not only did she fix my orange hair, but she used a gluten free and ammonia free coloring product.

My hair not only looks fabulous – but feels fabulous too.  You really can’t put a price on putting your head in a professionals hands.

For all you gals and pals out there with a gluten sensitivity, have you ever noticed that your hair “hurts”.  Maybe your scalp tends to be sore or breaks out a lot.  Perhaps there is gluten in your hair products.  Make sure you check out your shampoo, conditioner and any other products you use.

And if you are in or around the Hastings, MN area – make sure you check out 5th Avenue Hair Color Company located right on main street.  They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I almost forgot to mention the atmosphere is really cool too.  Located in the downtown historic area, they kept the integrity of the era.  Very quaint, cozy and welcoming.

Thanks to everyone at 5th Avenue Hair Color Company for helping me out!

- Angela

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